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    Hi, actually im working on a ipad adaption of broadscope theme to make my site work on all devices. Therefore i need an info on how to get the portfolio items without the javascript sorting in loop-portfolio. So they are displayed one after another. What do i have to look for in have_posts() functions.

    OR (even better)

    is it possible to display portfolio entries in a standard (Blog-) way?



    includes/loop-portfolio.php and template-portfolio.php include the required query code to remove the javascript sorting bar delete following code in template-portfolio.php:

    $output = "<div id='js_sort_items' class='nudge'>";

    $hide = "hidden";
    if (isset($categories[1])){ $hide = ""; }

    $output .= "<div class='sort_by_cat $hide '>";
    $output .= "<span>".__('Show:','avia_framework')."</span>";
    $output .= "<a href='#' id='all_sort' class='active_sort'>".__('All','avia_framework')."</a>";

    foreach($categories as $category)
    $output .= "<a href='#' id='".$category->category_nicename."_sort'>".$category->cat_name."</a>";

    $output .= "</div>";

    $output .= "<div class='sort_by_val'>";
    $output .= "<span>".__('Sort by:','avia_framework')."</span>";
    $output .= "<a href='#' id='date_sort' class='active_sort reversed'>".__('Date','avia_framework')."</a>";
    $output .= "<a href='#' id='name_sort'>".__('Name','avia_framework')."</a>";
    $output .= "</div></div>";

    echo $output;


    Thank you for your help.

    For developing on iOS version of broadscope im using a special framework. through to this isnt compatible a 100% with avia i need to have some workarounds. Everything works fine except one. I wondered if theres a not-avia way to filter the portfolio items out of the database through standard wordpress routines like while_have(posts)?

    That way the IOS Version of broadscope would work!



    an alternative would be to replace the avia post query with the standard wp loop (for your portfolio) – this, however, will mess up all the other avia functions which kind of ruins the purpose of the framework, so it’s not advised to do so unless you’re willing to modify a lot of functions.


    Yes thats what i did!

    But through to portfolio isnt just a “custom post type” but also uses a different permalink structure – im still struggeling with a problem. Usually posts are placed -depending on permalink settings – (in my case) under /year/month/post. Thats how Articles and custom post types usually work. In Avia, the portfolio got another structure. Posts are place in /portfolio/post.

    Can anyone tell me where permalinks get structured in avia/broadscope? So i can work on this for my needs


    The slug rewrite can be found in includes/register-portfolio.php

    $slugRule = avia_get_option('avia, portfolio-slug');

    You can hardcode the slug rule or set another option reference/variable.


    Cool Tank you!


    Last question:

    Portfolio entries are posts. Is it possible to permalink them the standard “post”-way? –> /year/month/post

    Best regards




    I don’t think so because every post type requires a special slug – otherwise you’d get 404 errors.


    Damn, i thought so…

    Ok! But thank you for the support!!

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