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    Hi, I’m attempting to make my advertising portfolio and I have a lot of motion graphics work I want to showcase. Unfortunately some of work I want to show is in Flash and I can’t get SWF files to display properly in the portfolio featured item viewing area.

    But first, so everyone can follow, I want to share everyone how I successfully got a Flash swf file to play in the space where you see pictures and video. (This is expanding on some advice from another Kriesi thread.)

    1) Upload your SWF file to WordPress via the upload feature in the Media library.

    2) Use an editor to create an HMTL file, with proper iframe code inside. Point the source to the URL generated by WordPress for your file (in step 1). You can find this URL by clicking on your file in the WP media library.

    The code should look like this:


    <iframe name=”james flash video”

    src=”” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” height=”300″ width=”250″>



    3) Upload your file to the root directory on your website. Make sure it has an .html label. To do this I used the Cpanel and put it in the same folder all the other WordPress folders are in.

    4) Create a new portfolio item in your theme (I’m using Angular) and hit the button “add external video by URL”. Now – here’s the wierd part… cut and past the all the code inside your HTML file (starting and ending with the <html> tag) into this box and hit enter.

    5) Check it out, it should work

    Now my problem is that for some reason the SWF displays ignoring the height and width parameters in the iframe and resizes to the browser window size. In doing this, it removes the bounding frame (in my case 300×250) and exposes images moving outside the mask. Is there any way to override this? Unfortunately I don’t have the FLA file to clean up the original piece. Please help, thanks!

    To see the flash file in action, check out and hit “flash test 2”:



    I checked flash test 2 and the swf file is not showing.




    I’m having the same problem, wordpress says the movie is not loaded.

    Any help is appreciated.



    I tried to view your website but your link shows me a 404 – not found – error?

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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