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    Hello, If i want to have 4 portfolio entries across instead of 3 with out changing the current with of the column its in now, how would I do that? Also, I would like to create a rollover effect for one of my menu links and have a popup that appears that has some info in it. Is that possible?



    Well I got the 4 portfolio boxes issue figured out ^__^ how about that roll over popup?


    Any one know how to do this? I need to find a way to have information popup when someone rolls over the about us link in the menu as opposed to going to the page.


    Nevermind, got it worked out with pretty photo. Gotta love that wordpress custom menu support, without you wouldn’t be able to call rel info in the menu links. ^__^


    Glad that you solved the problem. Your problem can be solved with css too :D.


    Are you saying I could use css to create a rollover event and have information display? How do you do such a thing? o.O


    With a hover effect it should be possible. I think in your case prettyphoto is the easier way though.

    The trick would be to write your text into a div (with a certain id) which is also wrapped into a div (with another id)., then to hide the first div with i.e. display:none; and when hovering over a certain link field you set the second div id to appear i.e. with display block, inline, etc.

    Would be a nice topic for a tutorial :)


    Sounds like a nice tutorial indeed ^__^

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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