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    I want to use the Costum Menu-widget for sidebar, with TWO columns!

    How do i get it? Now i have a looong row of short-words which should be perfect

    sorted in a two-column list instead of one-column…


    Really? No answer to this one?


    Sorry for the delay, a weekend coupled with no Internet access for me yesterday let things back up a bit :)

    You could modify the CSS to display items inline (2 columns within 1 widget area) by setting the li width to 50%. What’s the page URL and I’ll take a look.


    Oh, great!

    I’ve made a testlist called “Städer”, as you see the words/links are quite short and would fit in a two-column.

    Do i have to change aaaall lists to two-columns? Where in css do I have to change?

    Thanks! :)

    MMMM new idea! Can I dublicate the “custom menu”-wiget and choose to have the Custom Menu 2 showing everything in two-column-style?


    Do you want me to create a new topic about this problem:

    Only the Displayed Everywhere-widget area work. I’ve created new widget areas for some pages

    and filled them with widgets but thats do not works..

    Same source as i wrote before!



    I can’t see the testiest – have I got the right URL?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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