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    Hello again,

    Is it possible to have a post-entry from a specific category to be displayed in a mini-context-box on a choosen page? Can it use that specific posts background image and display it on that choosen page?

    What im saying is that if I have made a blog update in category “Coming events”, i want to display the content of that post; text, meta-data and its background image on the index page. Is it possible?





    Sorry for the delay, its my fault, please accept my apology.

    On a predetermined page, you want a widget to dynamically display data from a specific pre-selected category and also to change the background of that same page to the background used in the last post from the same category?

    Sure. But you will need to customize a 3rd party plugin to get it to display the info you want from the meta data.

    Take a look here there is a whole herd of various widgets with similar functionality. Just find the one that is closest to the functionality you are looking for, and tweak it or hire an affordable developer.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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