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    I installed the theme and noticed, that everything is still in English. What do I have to

    do activate the translation? Rest of WP of course is German. It’s a

    network installation, if that helps.

    I already have copied the .mo file to the network-language-themes-folder but with no






    I visited your website and it seems like the frontend is translated ( eg “Sie befinden sich hier”, “suchen”, etc.). If some strings are missing I’d recommend to use Codestyling to translate the theme:

    First go to (Purchase code hidden if logged out) and delete all files which can be found in this folder. Then install the codestyling plugin and go to “Werkzeuge > Lokalisierung”. Click on “Themes” and search for the Incarnation theme. Click on the “Einlesen” button next to “Deutsch/Deutschland” and then on “Fertig” and “Bearbeiten”. Now you can translate all words of the avia_framework textdomain.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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