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    Hello again,

    Shoutbox theme is great but one thing I have noticed is that from SEO perspective and mostly for speed reasons all the small images should be placed into one bigger image sprite. Is there a possible cure for this? I’m a newbie in css and when I tried to achieve this all messed up. Any help?




    because all images are css background images I see no reason why they would affect seo. As far as I know search engines don’t care about many images/resources but only a quick html page generation is important (response time of server with the html document). Sprites are very user unfriendly and hard to modify – that’s why Kriesi prefers seperate images. The page loading time won’t decrease dramatically with sprites (especially if your website loads content images, videos, etc. too). However services like help you to create sprites – however it’s a time intensive task.


    Ok I understand it is hard to achieve, but when done properly loading time should decrease a little bit because there will be only 1 file to download and not 30 small ones, which are loaded one after another.


    As Dude stated, Kriesi sells the themes with seperate images to ensure a user can easily modify whatever he’d like. Search engine rankings won’t be influenced by using sprites and using them anyway will save you practically no time since the entire theme relies on bigger images uploaded by you (which take a while to load anyway).

    You should be worried about the size of the images you upload yourself rather than the size of the essential theme images, since these last won’t influence your load time in comparison to the images you pick. A good understanding of image formats can really help with this :)

    I understand you’re worried about the load time but we’re talking about saving milliseconds. To do this would require an enormous amount of time creating the sprite image and positioning every background element.


    Ok got it :) you convinced me, I should really focus on more important things than theme images :) thanks


    Glad that we could help you :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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