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    Hello to whoever may be reading this. I’m pretty new to this whole website thing. I have set up my website to show my work on it (I create videos) But I cant figure out how to embed any videos on my portfolio page or the home. I have heard this thing ‘lightbox’ been thrown around a lot, but I have no idea what that is and I’m not sure if it will help.

    I want to display some of my work from Vimeo and YouTube on the Portfolio page. Then some of my best work on the slider on the homepage. But I really cant figure it out.

    Oh also about the social icons at the top right of the page, is there anyway to change them? Like I want to add in a vimeo icon?

    Thanks for your time <3



    When you edit a page or post look for Add featured media. Upload an image then look for Apply link to the image?, choose the last one where it says Embed video when an image is clicked, provide the video link.




    Thanks, that sort of worked,

    But when you click play on the image the link is at the top of my image which looks horrible, how do I get rid of that?



    A lightbox is just a made up term to explain a neat way of displaying images or videos. In the past when you clicked on a link or a thumbail image in order to open the full sized image or video, it sort of just placed the image inside the browser window, with no navigation from the website.

    If you go to (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / and look on the right side for an image with a hand holding a camera and click it, the image will open up to full size in a panel overlaying the web page, which becomes dim. If you click on the dim area, the website will return and the image fade.

    The large image also has forward and backward navigation, so that visitors can see other images part of the same gallery without the need to hit the back browser button.

    This functionality is called ‘a lightbox’ (since everything behind it is dim) and is added automatically to the Corona Theme without you needing to do anything but add the images/videos to your gallery in the backend.

    When you add a video, please make sure that all you are adding is the URL to the video starting with http. It looks to me as if you pasted in a section of the imbed code yourself, which you shouldn’t do . For youtube you would paste‘ into the theme’s backend.




    Thanks for explaining what light box is, I understand it now :)

    But what if I want to lightbox the YouTube video?

    Also on my vimeo videos the link is still there?



    Hi ARThompsn,

    The theme will pick up any links to vimeo and youtube and put the videos into a lightbox when clicked as you can see on your

    I’m not sure what you mean about the vimeo video.

    If you have not already, give the documentation that came with the theme a full read through. It should help you with all the basics of getting things set up.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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