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    In Expose

    1.In Gallery view all my posts are displayed with their images but when i hover on the post JQuery not working properly no tool tip image shown.

    2. In Large option selected no image is displayed with posts.


    Under “Post Thumbnail Options” , choose “Full Size Pic or Video for Lightbox”, upload your image, choose the second option “Use as featured image” beside insert into post button.


    If you drop me a link to your site I will take a look what could cause the problem.

    Please check if any other plugns are interfering with the themes javascript and also if you have set the posts up the correct way, like described in the documentation ;)


    Thanks for your help,

    I have another question , “I want to show Large image(what is i uploaded with posts) in LARGE MODE of Gallery.”

    Is there is any way to do?


    Hello sir,

    I want to show the original image with the same size which i uploaded in single.php.

    Help me..!

    In single.php

    $big_prev_image = kriesi_post_thumb($post->ID, array(‘size’=> array(‘L’),

    ‘wh’ => $k_option,

    ‘display_link’ => $prev_image_link,

    ‘linkurl’ => array (‘XL’,’_preview_big’)


    This the code to display post meta, Here Instead of ‘wh’ – I want to show the Original image(With original size ) which i uploaded with post. How to achieve this?

    echo $big_prev_image;


    Hello sir,

    How to access “_wp_attached_file” value to get original uploaded image.


    You can insert an image into a page or post as the original size from your media library (where images are uploaded to). Just use the “Insert Into Post” rather than “Set Featured Image” option.


    Thanks for your help.

    This is my next request:)

    Actually image cropping crops image from the center of image.

    And Now I want to crop image from top.

    Plz help me , How to modify the timthumb.php



    Unfortunately at the moment this can’t be done.

    Ben Gillbanks (who currently looks after TimThumb) has noted that this may go into a future version but there is no guarantee or timescale on this.




    Hello James,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Actually TimThump works with cropping position perfectly,For that we want to add another parameter in timthump.php and some code snippets, like $crop_from ==”middle”, $crop_from ==”topcenter” . For this i want to modify the timthump.php. I finished those modification in your timthump.php (Which is come with your theme). Now I can set cropping posotion with your source code.But Where I want to change in theme src file to work,How to do this?


    we want to add another parameter in timthumb.php

    The parameter you want to add is probably the same on Ben is going to work on. If you want to get in touch with him, maybe to work on it together, you can contact him here:

    Just to give you a heads up, he’s getting married on Friday and away for a couple of weeks so don’t expect an immediate response from him.


    Hello James,

    I think you misunderstood, I found a nice solution on the web, here is the link timthum crop from top . In our theme images are cropped from center of the image, i have to implement the code from the reference and i have checked it in my local system too.

    So i know how to do it, but the issue is how to implement it in the Great Expose theme.


    I didn’t misunderstand, the current official release doesn’t support this – I just didn’t know about the modification by Studio XL.

    If you modify the copy of timthumb in your theme, you can edit the /functions/helper_functions/kriesi_post_thumb.php line 161 from this:

    $defaultimage = $linkwrap[0]."<img ".$img_attr_string." src='".$image_URL."' alt='' title='".get_the_title()."' height='".$option['wh']['height'] ." ' width='".$option['wh']['width'] ."' />".$linkwrap[1];

    to this:

    $defaultimage = $linkwrap[0]."<img ".$img_attr_string." src='".$image_URL."&cropfrom=topcenter' alt='' title='".get_the_title()."' height='".$option['wh']['height'] ." ' width='".$option['wh']['width'] ."' />".$linkwrap[1];

    this should work, but is not guaranteed as I haven’t tested the modified timthumb code.


    Hello sir,

    This is my site. I have following pages Gallery, Free Themes, Premium Themes, and all these pages do their work based on category which I selected in admin panel.

    My Objective is ,”In Each page i want to show posts based on page and its category”.(ie).

    Main Categories : Gallery, Free Theme,Premium Theme.(for Pages).

    Other categories : (Business,Education,Wedding).

    In Gallery(Home)Page:

    I want to show posts under category “Gallery”, and the post may belongs to (Business,Education,Wedding). – It works fine.

    And wise-versa for Free Themes, Premium Themes.

    Now What I want to achieve is as follows,

    1. Say Now, I am in ‘Free Themes pages’, if i click category(say Education) in side bar, I want to show “POSTS IN CATEGORIES FREE THEMES AND EDUCATION ONLY”! excluding Gallery & Premium.


    I’m really confused by what you’ve done and what you’re trying to do.

    Is your Free Themes page using a page template – if so which one?

    Are there any posts in your Free Themes category?

    ** On a side note, your domain name is breaching WordPress’ trademark –


    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for your note on our domain name. We will consider it in future.

    We have fixed the issue, we have created 2 different sub domains o fix this.

    And i want to know about your “Expose Advanced Category Widget”.


    And i want to know about your “Expose Advanced Category Widget”.

    What do you want to know about it? Read the documentation, have a play and let me know if you have any questions. :)

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