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    Hi guys,

    Firstly great theme! I’ve managed to work my way through most things by looking at previous posts but I’m struggling with the gallery thumbnails. Even set to 7 columns (9 lloks great on a desktop) on iPad in portrait mode the thumnails take up a ‘E’ shape, i.e. do not follow on continuously from each other. Seems fine on the iPhone though.

    Any suggestions?



    Do you mean by e-shape, that each of the images is on a different vertical allign? Could you create a screen capture and post a link to it here so we get a better idea, because I am not seeing this.





    Sorry for the bad explanation ;)

    I get 6 thumbnails on row 1, 1 thumb on row 2, 6 thumbs on row 3, 1 thumb on row 4, 6 thumbs on row 5 etc. They don’t flow continuously after each other


    Hi steveandrews8001,

    We’ll need to see the site live to see whats going on. If you are using replete 1.0, I believe there was a change in how the theme interacts with gallery items by default in either 1.1 or 1.2. Either way seeing it live we should be able to get a fix for you.





    It sounds to me as if 7 is too much for each row and you should consider 6 to be the max. That is why the 7th one drops down a row. Your other course of action would be to make each image width 16% less to make enough room for an extra. But as Devin stated, please let us see this in action by providing a url.




    Hi both,

    On iPhone 9 columns works because the thumbnails are in rows of three. Just tried 6 columns and works perfectly on iPad in portrait view. Only problem is desktop and iPad landscape seem awfully empty.

    Link to test gallery is (set to 6 columns) (set to 7 columns) (set to 9 columns…preferred)

    Would be great if there is a solution to be able to use 9 (perfect for desktop) and that on iPad the 10th image follows immediately after the 9th (on same row) and doesn’t start another row.




    Found the following which seems to have fixed it and not caused any problems I can see elsewhere. Something to do with clearing after a row according to the post

    .gallery br {



    .gallery:after {

    visibility: hidden;

    display: block;

    font-size: 0;

    content: ” “;

    clear: both;

    height: 0;




    These are the media queries breakdown for that page. There are 5 triggers

    Smartphone Portrait
    Smartphone Landscape
    Tablet Portrait
    Tablet Landscape
    Monitor Size

    Which images are you unhappy with and how should they change . please refer to to the 5 above specifically > “image: tablet landscape – want 2 more or 2 less thumbnails.




    All working fine with the css tweak – it’s a wordpress gallery issue it seems



    We made the post at the same time so I was looking at your page after you already fixed it. lol. Glad you found the solution.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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