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    First, thanks for the great themes you all are putting out. Very professional and clean!

    I noticed with the 1.02 version of Expose that the the thumbnails on the home and category pages aren’t working as they should–both on my install and on your example install at

    It seems that the large, popup image is being displayed over the smaller image, and when the rollover occurs, the smaller image then appears, but the popup box is empty (just white).

    Can you see where the bug is here? I’m guessing that Expose 1.02 was the update for IE9, correct?

    Thanks again!




    someone else reported this bug too – I’ll report it to Kriesi again.


    Can the popups be easily removed? The previous discussion topics pre-date the new version.


    Yes the code I posted there still works.


    Hi, is there any solution for that problem?



    Kriesi released an update some time ago which should fix this problem. You can download it at


    I’ve don’t know if this is the same error as mine. See the pic

    I’ve downloaded and replaced new files and prettyphoto


    Can you post a link to your website please?



    I checked the thumbnail hover effect and it works fine for me here (all three columns). Which browser are you using?


    The problem exists on every browser. Compact and Detailed view works fine only Large view has this strange effect.



    I can reprouce it. I reported it to Kriesi.


    Hey Gregorius: judging from your style.css file version the update didnt quite work out. please try to remove the files you want to update first from your ftp and then upload them again. The bug you are encountering should be fixed by the version 1.03 update.


    uploaded some test pics.. thumbnail not working



    the gallery preview displays the featured thumbnails (“Add featured media” options) which can be set for posts and pages. Click on “Upload” => Pick image => Use as featured image” on the post/page editor page. You need to set featured image for all posts which will display in the gallery archive view.


    I’m having the same issue on my site:

    The images on the front page would not load in IE9 (works fine in Chrome and Firefox).

    Is there any way to update the Expose theme, which is what I need to do I think, without deleting my modifications to it? Can I just replace specific files to fix this IE9 image loading issue instead of overwriting all the files and losing my modifications?



    You can use the changelog (version.rtf) to replace the updated (modified) files only. If you’d like to upload all theme files make a backup of your current theme folder and especially of style.css and the css folder (which contains custom.css, etc.). Then upload the new theme files (via ftp).


    Fixed! I just replaced the custom.js file in the themesexposejs folder and now IE9 works flawlessly :)

    Thank you, Dude!

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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