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    Does Angular use it’s own [gallery] shortcode? If so, can you use the standard WP gallery shortcode attributes mentioned in the codex here:

    I have tried using the “size” and “columns” attributes to no effect.

    Thanks for the help,




    Please update your WordPress to 3.6. It is much easier to create a gallery on the latest update of WordPress. On the editor, click Add Media > Create Gallery.




    Thank you for your response, Ishmael.

    My problem is not in creating a gallery, but in how the gallery is displayed. Regardless of how the gallery is created, either by shortcode or through the “add media” menu, the gallery does not respond to certain attributes. Is this due to some part of the theme?

    Please see this page as an example:

    I get the same gallery layout when I specify 3 or 4 columns. I am also unable to add a css margin or padding to the bottom of the gallery, because it seems to have some float properties as well. How can I override these attributes?



    Yes, Kriesi “deactivated” the columns attribute with css code. However you can easily revert this change – add following code to the quick css field and the columns attribute should work as expected

    .gallery br {
    display: block;

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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