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    As seen here and in the demo version of Angular:

    there seems to be a margin on the rightside of galleries, which aren’t present in any other pages (including portfolio).

    How can I take the margin out? It’s making the images not line up with the template and it’s very bothersome!




    for that specific page the code to center it is this

    .page-id-669 .post-entry{width:891; margin-left:19px;}

    You can add it in your Quick CSS or custom.css


    Thanks so much Chris, that works great!

    Another question, if you don’t mind –

    The “primary color” section in the theme options changes the colors of a few elements altogether…however I want to set some of those elements to be another color (like the color of the search bar icon, or the – (dash) that you see in portfolio items) Could you let me know how I could do this?




    all dynamic colors are defined in the head section of your html document. You can view the source code to find the right elements/colors. You can change the primary color with following code in css/custom.css:

    #top .on-primary-color, #top .on-primary-color a, .dropcap2, div .button, input[type="submit"], #submit, .info_text_header, .info_text_header a, .info_text_header a:hover, .contentSlideControlls a.activeItem, #top .related_posts .contentSlideControlls a.activeItem, .contentSlideControlls a:hover, #top .related_posts .contentSlideControlls a:hover, #top th, #top th a,  a.button:hover, .callout a, #top .big_button:hover{
    color:#ffffff !important;

    You can change the color values or add/remove elements from the list.


    Thanks dude –

    Sorry to be a pain but I was trying to change the color of the – (dash) in front of each portfolio item title. I can’t seem to find it..I couldn’t highlight it so I wasn’t sure how to inspect it.

    Any clue?


    bumping this up real quick.



    you can add

    .title-span{background-color:#ff0099 !important;}

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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