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    i need to see the the photo description and not the title of the photos in lightbox. in the link under it’s the title that is showed and i need description instead…!lightbox%5Bauto_group1%5D/31/



    I have found this thread, but without a clear result… (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -description


    just a bump. Please some help here? Thanks!


    bump bump? :)


    I apologize for the insistence, but i really need here some kind of feedback. This is an importante issue to the website that i want to built. We are a collective of photographers, and descriptions is in fact very very very importante.




    Hey Nelson! Sorry for the late response!

    Neither the link nor the page show any lightbox links so its hard for me to tell you if its possible to modify the output to your likings. would you mind poining me to a page with lightbox links so I can take a look? Couldnt fine one…


    Hi Kriesi,

    I’m sorry for the broken links. Here is a working link:



    Hi naires,

    Sorry for the delay in a response. I’m not sure if the directions from the other thread are still valid as with time and updates things can change. The code provided was written by the user and I wouldn’t be able to do the same to create the same feature so your best bet would probably be in trying to use that code and add the the non edited version of prettyPhoto from the developers site.

    I’ll leave the thread open in case anyone else has some suggestions for this.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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