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    hiya… i’m just getting started with watching the videos etc and thought i would try a ‘page’

    i uploaded 10/20 images it it was excellent, nice and easy and the 3 column layout was fab!

    so, i tried what should have been the full amount of images for this particular post approx 400 images each 500k but some 1mb and the 3 column layout – i did everything as i did for 10 but it wouldnt show any images.

    i guess there may be a max gallery size regarding qty of images or a gallery size for the total MB – is that right? if so how and where do i change this.

    many thanks!


    Hi Adam!

    There may be a server limitation, try increasing the memory allocated to PHP:



    Thanks Josue

    Bit beyond me then really… i’m just setting it up at the moment so the learning curve is massive but i’ll get there… smaller galleries on pages first….

    Next challenge – have a one colour background and not an image background.

    slowly slowly catchy monkey :-)



    In which page of your page do you want this background?



    All of them… i am uploading low’ish res images and when it makes them full screen they look poor – approx 900 pix wide max.. unless i should be uploading larger images? Didnt want it to be slow loading on mobile phones etc

    my plan was to try and utilise the scrolling gallery as and when needed rather than on every page…

    Just starting to work out how it works – so sorry if its a really easy question

    thanks for responding though, much appreciated :-)



    Can you post a link to your website please?

    A link to the image would be helpful too.



    sure… this is the only page i have tried playing with properly so far… but basically i dont want any images in the background / scrolling unless i decide it to be there… http://www.ninkeynoo.com/?p=262

    I have added and removed pages so as to get a feel of what does what hence the page count :-)

    i am very green with this and have only really just started playing with it so appreciate that my questions are likely to be daft or information is out there… so please tell me to go and work it out myself if i am being daft :-)



    This will do it:

    .page-id-262 .avia_fullscreen_slider {
        background: red;
    .page-id-262 .avia_fullscreen_slider li{
        display: none !important;

    Change ‘red’ for the color of your preference (page-id-262 is the ID of that specific Page).

    Best regards,


    Hi, i cant believe where the time has gone… thank you so much for this reply and my apologies for not responding sooner…

    My photography site is on the back burner but i have been trying :-)

    I actually solved this by using a jpg of black and making it the default background image…. :-)


    No problem, glad you managed to sort it out :)


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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