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    I have a gallery attached to this portfolio entry but it does not show.

    Do you have a fix for it?

    Thanks, Ellen


    Hi Ellen,

    Were you able to get this solved on your own? Looking at the link you provided now there appears to be a gallery working in both the background as the main content of the page.




    Hi Devin,

    This is Sofie, Ellens colleague. We solved it by trashing this portfolio item. The problem came after we put in a photo together withe the text.

    This causes problems for the gallery whenever we do this.

    I have 4 additional questions:

    1) Is it possible in the gallery to stop the background? Under “enforce default background”, it is possible to choose the galley itself or the default gallery. For some projects it would be prefferable that the background stops at the first image. For some it is better that it is running throught the gallery. Is it possible to differentiate?

    2) Is it possible to upload a short film in the gallery? I have a film in .flv format that would be really nice to show…

    3) Is it possible to change the order of projects within the categories?

    4) When in a browsing in a gallery, the descriptions of the fotos are shown on the right side. However, the same discription comes under the “browsing hand” in a yellow box, on top of the picture, the picture itself turning opaque. Is it possible to get rid of the opacity and the text under the hand?

    Thanks on forehand!!

    Kind regards, Sofie


    Hi Sofie,

    On each portfolio item you have the option to set the gallery autototation of the background slider. If you want no rotation then you would set it to no autorotation. You also have the option of setting the “default gallery as background” or “this gallery as background” under Enforce Default Background. If you choose “this gallery as background” then it will use the images you uploaded under Image Gallery.

    As far as your FLV movie, you can upload the movie using the Upload/Insert button above the WYSIWYG editor. The gallery itself though is for images only. Also, you may need to install a FLV embed plugin.

    The order of projects is newest to oldest. You may be able to install a plugin like that will allow to change the order. Personally though I suggest thinking about how you want the content to display then setting the items you want to display last to have older dates by changing “Published on” date.

    As far as the tooltips, add this to your custom.css or Quick CSS.

    .image_overlay_effect { display:none !important; }

    Hope this helps!




    Thank you!

    We try!


    Hi again, thanks for the reply. The code works wonders.

    But now the image title is hovering over the image. Is there an easy way to remove this or would I have to edit every single image.

    Thanks again.




    You can remove the image title with jquery – use the code from this post: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -over#post-45313

    Best regards,


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