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    on the portfolio page i’d like to click on the thumbnail and have a pop-up gallery showing all the pictures of the gallery.

    at the moment only one picture is loaded, the gallery knows there is another picture to show but it loads the same picture again.

    this is where the problem occurs!prettyPhoto

    please try to view the gallery of one staircase




    again i solved the problem by myself.

    options > Layout & Settings > Slideshow behavior on overview pages

    now it sort of works: in the portfolio gallery i uploaded 2 pictures but on the slideshow i can see 4 pictures…

    any idea or shall i fixed myself?




    I’m sorry for the late reply. I think this is a bug in avia.js. I notified Kriesi and asked him to look into this issue.


    Thank you. I’ve noticed that the gallery shows twice the same picture, one with the caption on top of the gallery and one without.

    the problem persists even if i don’t add any caption to the picture (in the standard wp gallery window where I add Alt text, Caption & Description)


    Ok, I found the bug.

    If I add a caption in the “caption title” in “Featured media – add any ….” window that comes with Propulsion theme, the gallery duplicated the picture (the gallery shows one pic with and one pic without caption)

    I like the caption to show on the portfolio page because it appears on top of the thumbnail, it gives a nice design & navigation

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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