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    Congratulations for the theme, it’s fantastic!

    I am starting to use it and I have had a problem with a gallery in a Post. I have upload the gallery but I cannot see it:


    anyone can help me???

    Thanks a lot!


    Hi neoframe, sorry I can’t help you, but I’m experiencing the same trouble.

    I’ve added a gallery to a page as the video tutorial guides, however it doesn’t show when I update and refresh the website. I’ve done what wordpress recommends and inserted it media content (my photos) into a post instead, however this doesn’t display them as well as it shows in the video tutorial as it’s within a post.

    Please can you recommend a solution?

    Many thanks


    Hi Hipchicki!

    I have manage to solve the problem by myself!

    The thing is that when I upload the images it appears 2 buttons:

    “Guardar todos los canvios” (Save all changes, mine is in spanish)

    “hten close the windows and update the gallery preview”

    If i click ONLY the second button the gallery appears. If I press the first button the gallery does not appear.

    I hope it solves your problem. It worked for me!

    You can see it here:




    Thank you very much for responding to my query, it’s done the trick! Funny how the video tutorial shows it different, but doesn’t work.

    Thanks loads & your site looks good!




    Thanks noeframe for helping us out :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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