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    I uploaded the dummy content so that I could see how the gallery was created. I deleted the dummy images you supply and inserted my own but they do not expand when you click on the thumbnail and I am not sure why.

    Please help,




    Just to note, I have been viewing some posts relating to the problems caused to lightbox by upgrading to WordPress version 3.0.1. I think it is clear that this is the problem but:

    – I have installed prettyphoto 1.6.2. and can now open the image thumbnails, but they open in a seperate browser screen???

    – I don’t seem to be able to upload the the latest version of prettyphoto, when I add new in the plugins menu it just stalls.





    The Pretty Photo version bundled with the theme (and therefore not a separate plugin) should handle this without any problems, you can simply copy the pretty photo JS file into the theme’s JS directory when there’s an update however both versions are currently running 2.5.6

    What other plugins do you have active?

    Have you tried disabling them all to see if there is a JS conflict causing the problem?

    What other modifications have you made to the theme?




    Thansk for the quick reply James. I have a few plugins added but I deactivated them all and I am still having the same problem. (they include redirection, SEO friendly images, SEO slugs, WordPress Database Backup, WordPress SEO, Yoast Breadcrumbs and the recently added PrettyPhoto 1.6.2).

    I can not think of any other modifications that have resulted in my featured images or gallery images not expanding to full view in lightbox. Featured image option has always been set to – ‘Full Entry with Fullwidthpicture, following enttries with smaller picture’. The only thing I can think that has caused this problem is the upgrade to WP 3.1 but I am not 100%.

    Unfortunately, whilst i understand a bit I am not that technically minded and therefore do not know what you mean when you suggest copying the pretty photo JS into the theme’s JS directory. Any technical advice such as this will need to be explained to me in the language of a three year old child! ;-)


    just a thought. I think everythign was working fine before I added ‘dummy content’ to the site. might this have caused some sort of conflict?



    the problem is that you didn’t add rel="lightbox" to your image links.

    I.e. the code for the image in this post: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -careers-day-nurturing-talent/

    looks like:

    <a href=""><img width="500" height="750" alt="Lawyer 2B 2011 143 web Lifestyle Photography London | Lawyer 2B Careers Day | Nurturing Talent" src="" title="Lawyer 2B Careers Day BPP" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-728"></a>

    The link (a href element) is missing the rel attribute so the lightbox ignores the image. Change the code to:

    <a href="" rel="lightbox"><img width="500" height="750" alt="Lawyer 2B 2011 143 web Lifestyle Photography London | Lawyer 2B Careers Day | Nurturing Talent" src="" title="Lawyer 2B Careers Day BPP" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-728"></a>

    and the image will expand when you click on it.



    Thanks. Why is the code suddenly missing the required lightbox element? Where do I change href code. I can’t find it in any of the wordpress menu options.

    Thanks again,



    I think I have exactly the same problem. I purchased Twicet theme yesterday and the portfolio gallery are not working from the start. When clicking on thumbnail, it goes to the bottom page and the image appear in actual full size at the bottom of page. It doesn’t come up like in the demo version of that theme.

    I try to replace with the new prettyPhoto (3.0.2) files in js folder and also prettyPhoto folder. Still not working.

    I see in template_portfolio.php that the rel is . Not sure if it changes with new version?




    Opps. i didn’t know you can use html code here. What i mean on my previous lines:

    I see in template_portfolio.php that the rel is a href=”‘.$portfolio_image.'” rel=”lightbox[portfolio]” . Not sure if it changes with new version?




    I think this plugin: will help you – it adds the rel=lightbox attribute to all images within a post :)


    sorry, the images are still not expanding in lightbox, even with the plugin.

    you can see what is happening at –



    I just noticed that you’re using WP3.1 now. We released an update for Habitat which adresses the lightbox problem with WP3.1 some days ago (you can download it If you don’t want to update (because of major customizations, etc.) you can just replace the lightbox files. Please refer to this thread: for more information.


    Thanks. I had a look at the link you have sent me before posting my problem. The information in the link is all a bit difficult for me to understand unfortunately. A couple of points which i would like you to get back to me on if possible.

    1. If I update the habitat theme, will it effect my current content in any way? Is it easy to update the theme?

    2. If you refer to an earlier comment of mine in this thread, I mention that I can not upload prettyphoto 3.0.2.

    Sorry, but I am stills stuck on this whole issue and I would like to get it sorted asap vas my Gallery function is the most important part of the site.

    Many thanks for your time and assistance with this.



    the update is easy. Just replace the files mentioned in version.rtf (changelog) which is included in the download package (you can download it at If you didn’t modify the theme files the update is very easy because you can replace all files without tking care of modifications. If you customized files you can use version.rtf to replace only the updated ones.


    sorry, I don’t understand anything you have said. So I need to pay for the theme again?


    can you give me the exact link for the updated doenload package on please?


    No – the update is free. Go to and login with the username you used to purchase Habitat. Then go to “My account” > Downloads. There you can download all theme files again. I can’t give you a direct link because obviously it depends on your user name :)


    Hi. I have gone to and downloaded the theme again. So, presumably I now have updated files. Can you please give me a step by step guide as to how I replace the necessary files in order to get lightbox to work? Please treat me as though I have no technical experience with these things. Thank you. hopefully, i can get this resolved asap.


    ok. I am starting to make a bit of sence of all this. I have gone into my CPanel and located the folder that contains the js prettyphoto. I have opened the file called jquery.prettyPhoto.js using the code editor tool. So I see a lot of code in front of me that I do not really understand. What part of this code do I need to replace with the updated code. you mention in previous posts that the best way to do it is line by line – but which line? I just need a little help with this last bit and I think i will be there! ;-)


    Ok. I have replaced all the files in the css, images and js folder in js.prettyPhoto folder on my CPanel (the new files I used were from prettyphoto_compressed_3.1 download), the gallery images still do not expand in lightbox so I must have done something wrong –


    IT WORKS!!!!! IT FOOKIN WORKS!! All sorted. Thanks.


    Glad that you solved the problem :)


    Hi :D

    i somehow fixed the problem with the light box. it is working now but not properly. can you please check and tell me how to fix the problem.

    thanks a lot :)




    as far as I can see you use another theme (3rd party theme) at the moment. I’ll help you after you switched back to Kriesis theme.

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