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    Problem 1.:

    I have just bought this theme and I absolutly love it.. Although, I’m having major issues with the creation of a gallery.

    When I have uploaded 50+ images to my Photoshop gallery and clicking “Insert gallery” it works fine, but twice I accidently clicked the “Insert into post” when uploading a new image and that makes my entire gallery disappear..

    I checked in the Media library if the uploads still were there and they are. Are there anyway I can make the gallery appear again?

    If you go here and hover over “Photoshop”, then you can see a little preview image:

    But wheres the images?

    Problem 1.:

    I use the e-shop plugin to let people download my source files, but this theme seems to totally remove my thumbnails, it even removes the “Set as featured image” when uploading a new picture.

    So take a look here for example:

    All the thumbnails are gone! Is it possible to get them back?



    1) I think the easiest way would be to re-attach the thumbnails. You can follow this tutorial: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) / – it shows you how to integrate the attachment plugin.

    2) The featured image function is disabled becaused Flashlight uses the first uploaded image (first gallery image) as featured image.


    Cheers mate, thank you ALOT! It’s a fine alternative to reattach already uploaded images.

    But it sucks that all my small thumbnails for my shop isn’t being generated :/ And I don’t really know how to use the WooCommerce for digital-downloads like the ones I offer.. But, well, shit happens I suppose :)


    Actually I’ve encountered another problem.

    While adding my “Terragen” images I found out that no images are being shown what so ever.

    As you can see here:

    It’s set up as it should, but on my page theres simply nothing:


    Selfish bump..

    I’m about to give up really.. I just added all my photoshop images (50+) again and they are not gone once again.. :/ It’s getting really annoying because adding all these images which takes space on my hosting and then they disappear, so I’ll have to reupload them, I will end up with duplicated files on my server and, thats not good.


    Hi sp34k,

    Can you create a temporary admin account and send the details to DevinVinson(at) I’m sorry for just now getting the response to you, the bump is actually really helpful to us as sometimes topics just get buried :(

    I’ll log in and see if I can figure out whats going on (it really shouldn’t be doing that!).

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