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    Somewhere along the way, something happened with backgrounds not showing up on some computers and some browsers. I’m not able to replicate the issue except on my Droid (and it’s not appearing on iPhones either). I checked on a Mac, on a PC, on Safari, IE, Firefox and Chrome and I am able to see them but my boss can’t on her computer (PC laptop at home). Do you have any theories about why this might be happening? On my Droid and on her computer it’s only showing the default background color (set to black), but nothing else.

    Everything was fine until last Friday. A few things I did was install the All-in-one-SEO plugin, the Transposh plugin, futzed around with widgets and stuff… changed fonts… not sure what else…

    Thanks for any ideas!


    Update– seems to work on some browsers again, but it’s not working on mobile devices. Just a black screen (the default color), any ideas?


    Hi PeaGreenSolutions,

    Try disabling all your plugins then testing everything again. Then re-enable them one by one to see if you can find the plugin causing the issue.




    Nevermind!!!! It was a line in the .htaccess file that had been changed. Nothing to do with you guys (not that it would have been, I was just fishing for ideas of what I might have broken).

    Sorry, and thanks for a great theme!


    Glad you were able to figure it out :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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