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    Hi there,

    could you please tell me what would be the function to get the link for the first image of a slideshow attached to a portfolio item?

    I need it for a Template. I could add an Article-Image to a portfolio item by customizing the post-type, but i have the slideshow… so it would be easier if some way would exist to access the first image (no effects, no slideshow… just the image).

    I appreciate any help




    Not sure if I am following you correctly but would it be more convenient if you add another same image via post editor?




    I need a php function to access the first image of the slideshow.

    I am writing a template that lists clients. Each client is connected with several portfolio items. Therefor i registered new custom post types and linked them with the portfolio items. Everything works fine.

    Now i got a page with my client logos. If you click on a client logo, a list with all portfolio items connected with this client appears. And i like to have one picture for every portfolio item here. So i need to know how to access them. I got the loop, i got access to the portfolio items. But how can i extract the first item of the slideshow?

    within the loop… i need to do:

    -insert ideas here-



    I solved this one by myself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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