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    I would like to add a new background image to the Coherence theme?

    What size should this file be? What are the dimensions of the file that I should be uploading?

    Also, Is there a such thing as a pattern that I should be using?

    For example, I want to design this so that specific areas of the background are exposed on the site. So I want certain things in my background visible on the right and left sides of the website – once I upload the background image.

    So I want to know what my “workable/visible” area is for a full size background image for the Coherence theme.

    Thanks in advance.




    Hello William,

    You can see a good example (size and layout) in the demo theme. The background image with the girl is 1594×1286:

    If you wanted to make sure you had specific content on the left and right of the site, make your image to the above pixel size (or similar) and then select it in the Theme Options> Style>Background Image (upload it). Then Position of the image should be Center so that its centered in the browser window. The image should have a 980px or so blank spot in the middle where the page content goes to save on space. That will give you 10 pixels (5 on each side) of overlap so that you get a clean background image with elements on the right and left hand side.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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