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    Hi I have a few questions for my website

    -I don’t want a sidebar, and I was able to remove it, but it seems like the space is still there or the page isn’t in full page mode. How can I fix this?

    -The photos in my slides do not resize automatically to fit the slider. I’ve tried all the sizes “thumbnail, medium, large, etc” and I have the same problem. I’ve even tried adjusting the photo size. Is there a particular size (l * w) that I am suppose to use?

    -I’m having problem with my home page. When I set front page as “HOME” I get two. How can I fix this?

    Thank you in advance :-)


    Hi AssetSitters,

    For the home page, I would recommend creating a Dynamic Template with the Template builder. Add in Slideshow element and a Post/Page Content element and any others you want for the home page. Then, in the page you have designated as the home page you’ll set the “Dynamic Templates” box dropdown to the new dynamic template you created.

    For the Slideshow Options, make sure you have one of the “Fullsize” options selected. If you want the images to take up the width of the slider, you’ll need to upload at least 940px wide images.

    Make sure that in your wordpress options you don’t have a static page selected under Settings>Reading => Front Page displays. It should be set to Your Latest Posts.




    Thank you Devin,

    I was able to get the full-width pages, but I still have a duplicate Home page and my settings were on “Your Latest Posts”. Do you know what else I can try?

    Thanks again!



    It looks like it’s a blog or something doing this?


    Hi AssetSitters,

    Are you referring to the two “Home” links on your main menu? If so, go to Appearance > Menus and remove the “Home” link from the menu. Also check your “Frontpage Settings” under Brightbox > Theme Settings and set the frontpage to “Home”.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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