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    hi there,

    1 / I have a website which is in English and translated into French with WPML.

    all updates are done.

    I have a problem, when I create a product with the English language, I can put the image in full width slider.

    and when I translated into French, impossible to have the same image in full width slider, it stays on adustable slider.

    what to do?

    2 / is it also possible to modify these parameters for four straight when you have created a new product?

    slideshowsize: full width slider

    slideshow: adaptavia slider

    autorotation active: yes

    slideshow duration: 6

    thanks a lot



    hi there

    i need help.

    someone there??

    i use WPML for the translation

    I have the English page with the larger picture

    but not the page in French : the pictures are small, impossible to change the settings when i’m creating the product. impossible to have full width slider!!

    Here are the links example:



    thank you for your help!



    Hi jerome,

    I’m getting the exact same layout in the two pages you have there. Were you able to figure out what the issue was?

    As for #2 in the first question, no as far as I know you can’t set options as standard for all products.




    Hi there

    I’m getting the same problem – My default english language page full width slider works fine – The translated (Japanese) page displays using the adjustable slider – It will not save as a full width slider – One more thing, in the Japanese page I can’t add any images to the slideshow.

    weird stuff



    WooCommerce Multilingual 1.3

    WPML Multilingual CMS 2.6.0

    WPML String Translation 1.5.0

    WPML Translation Management 1.4.0

    Wordpress 3.4.2


    Hi Kaga,

    Make sure you are running the most recent version of the theme. You can download the most recent version from Themeforest under your Downloads and install it the same way you first installed it.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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