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    first off thank you for the great theme!

    secondly- i wanted t know if there was a way to have full width blog posts as oppose to the half page.



    you can use the template builder (Shoutbox > Template Builder) to create fullwidth templates. Add the “Post/Page” element to a template and apply this template to your posts.


    is there a way to have the full width page with the slider still above? because once i did that the slider went away.

    thank you for the quick response!


    Forget it i got it! thank you once again.i had to add slider to dynamic template


    Yes of course – just add the “Slideshow” element before the “Post/Page Content” element :)


    Following on from Suhpreme’s questions, how do you stop the posts from truncating once you have them displayed via the template? I have a template showing a full width slider, and underneath it the text from a page. But I’d like the whole text to show, without the “Read More” buttons appearing.

    Widgets don’t seem to behave correctly on the template. I created a 2 column layout 66% 33%. On the left the text from a page (which is truncated as above) and to the right a widget. The widget appears but it has no white background. It’s as though the formatting has gone awry.


    Any update on the template columns + widgets/truncated text issue? I need to solve this urgently for a job I’m doing.


    You could include another template. Open up includes/helper-templates.php and replace:

    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index' );
    echo "</div>";


    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index2' );
    echo "</div>";

    Then make a copy of includes/loop-index.php, call it loop-index2.php and replace:

    echo avia_excerpt($excerpt);




    Thanks for the reply, but you didnt explain what it’s for!

    I have two issues with the column feature in the Template Builder.

    1. I would like to be able to show complete posts (no “Read more” buttons” appearing)

    2. If I add a widget area in one of the columns, the widget has no enclosing box (the regular widgets appear inside a sidebar box)

    I need fixes for those two things. I’m not sure what the code you posted above does?

    Thanks Dude


    The code Dude provided is to solve your first problem.

    To give your text widgets using the width of 66% a white background you can add

    .grid8 .widgettitle, .grid8 .textwidget{padding:10px; background:#fff}

    to the bottom of your style.css file.

    It’d be nice to have a link to your site in action so we can provide more specific instructions.

    Hope this helps.


    Ok I will try that. Sorry I couldn’t post the site – been having problems with the hosting, but I think now it’s finally working.

    Dudes code kind of worked (I can see all the content), but not in the right way. The content of the post appears underneath the white text box, before the image (the first element of the template) and has a transparent background. I’ll post you a link once I’ve updated the online site, it’s easier to understand! Thanks guys. I appreciate all your help.


    The widget fix didn’t work. The box still doesn’t appear.

    Also it’s not a text widget that I have in there. It’s any widget.


    OK here’s a link:

    I would like to be able to see all the content of that first post “2 static page” without the read more buttons. In this case the content is from a page, but I’m assuming the fix would work for a regular post content too?

    The second thing is the widget issue in a template column.

    The tag cloud widget (this is just an example – the same happens with all the widgets) in the second column next to the “2 static page” post is not being enclosed in a white box.

    Whilst you have the page up, any idea why the “play” button on the image slider for the top image is stuck on pause?

    Thanks guys. I hope it’s clearer now, what I’m trying to do and what the problem is!


    I posted the required code for issue no1 here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Re widget: Because the widget uses a different div structure like posts it’s not possible to “wrap” it in a white box. You can hack the wordpress core files to adjust the output (I’m not sure where the tag widget code is located though) but imho it’s not possible to adjust the widget styling (some necessary div elements are missing). The template builder just inserts the widget “as-is” without wrapping it into additional containers (this would break the majority of all widgets).


    Hey Dude,

    That fix doesn’t work. It makes the post appear over the whole background of the content area, above the first element of the template ( in this case the slider.)


    I corrected the code – please try it again :)


    I dont think I’m going to be able to do what I need to with the way the template is set up right now. It doesn’t work.

    On that opening page, I need (in this order going down the page):

    A full width image slider

    3 columns: the first two taken up by a post (no featured image), the third taken up by a sidebar with a widget in it.*

    A ruler.

    A 5 column area for posts.

    *I might be able to hack the blog/sidebar set up for the second row of elements. I just need the blog post (the text) and the sidebar without any blog slider or images above it.

    How could I do this?


    Oh, sorry I didn’t see that post!

    Yes, the new code has fixed the post problem, but I need a sidebar. That’s why I was asking about getting the widgets over a white box.

    That code will only apply to single posts?

    Thanks very much for that!



    I just noticed, the top-horizontal rulers aren’t showing after the code fix. It just shows the shortcode [hr top]. How do I kill the read more box also, it’s still showing?


    1) Instead of:

    $output.= get_the_content();


    $content_text = get_the_content();
    $content_text = apply_filters('the_content', $content_text);
    $output.= $content_text;

    2) Remove following code in shoutboxincludeshelper-templates.php

    $output.= " <a class='read-more-icon' href='".get_permalink()."' rel='bookmark' title='".__('Permanent link:','avia_framework')." ".get_the_title()."'><strong>".__('Read more', 'avia_framework')."</strong><span></span></a>";

    I’m not sure if the hr shortcode will be displayed right in the column. I think the columns are not intended to be used with shortcodes but for excerpts/plain text with “standard” css text styling only.


    Hey, that seems to work!

    The shortcodes seem to work too, at least on a 66:33 2-column layout (false three column).

    Now it looks the same as the static page it was reading the original data from, apart from that widget box problem.

    Can you explain when this fix will work? Is it only for single posts on a template page? To have a single blog post displaying in full, I would need a different fix in another par of the helper-template code? I think I’ve seen that one posted before on the support…

    Thanks for all your help on that bit. :O)

    I’ve just realised that I have a weird problem with the theme. I can’t add any widgets at all now from the Template Builder. There is no Template Widget box appearing in Dashboard/Widgets/ control panel after I add a widget in the Template builder. Do you think I need to reinstall the theme or even WP?


    Yes – the fix will only affect posts in a column structure (any column layout of the column element). You can use the post/page element to display a single post/page or the blog element.

    I’ll ask Kriesi if he’s aware of a “widget” limitation (number of widgets, etc.) but I don’t think there’s one.


    I fixed the widget problem. I think the theme had crashed from overuse! I just reinstalled it and now it’s fine.

    Thanks for all your help Dude!


    Glad Dude could help you :)

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