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    Hello, is there any way to make the pictures I post on my blog full width on my page? and is there any way to make the lightbox full width as well?

    Here is my problem, you can view it here:

    It seems as if my single.php or template_fullwidth.php file cause the image to be resized. But I would like the images I post as well as the posts to be as big as possible on the page.

    Hope you can help me out.




    The theme is already set up to display images on the full width template at full size so this error seems a little odd. Have you modified the theme files at all or adjusted the sizes of the images in functions.php?



    i haven’t modified the theme files so i’m not sure why it’s doing this. is there a way I can show you the code to see what the problem is?


    i deleted theme through my control panel and reinstalled it (version 1.4) but it still does the same thing. any ideas?


    okay so I think I fixed part of the problem I was having. I just had to resize the picture. But what I was wondering was how to make the mainpage of the blog posts centered and with full width. right now everything is pushed to the right. as you can see here:

    I was able to delete the <?php get_sidebar(); ?> from template_blog.php, single.php, and template_fullwidth.php to get rid of the sidebar.

    I also needed to know how to make the single posts centered and full width as well. Right now, when I view a single post, it’s also pushed to the right and there’s a lot of empty space to the left.


    I also tried installing but no drop down appears … i’m not quite sure why it doesn’t appear in the post edit screen


    okay i fixed the custom-post-template error I was having and now when you view edit posts there’s a drop down where I can choose full-width! now my posts are full width now! yay!

    But, I still have one problem. Is there any way I can make the main blog page full width with the lightbox? There’s way too much space on the left side of what I have right now since I removed the sidebar. hope you guys can help! thanks.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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