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    Would like to have the option of a full width page. What adjustments would I need to make.
    Thank you.


    Hey Sandbar!

    Try using a Page with a Color Section (with an custom ID set, for ex: fullwidthsection). Then add this to the Quick CSS:

    #fullwidthsection .container {
        width: 98% !important;



    Thanks for your response.

    What is a Page with a Color Section in Sentence?



    For Sentence you can try adding this to the Quick CSS (change “xx” by the ID of the page you want to be fullwidth):

    .page-id-xx #secondary, .page-id-xx #sidebar_bg {
        display: none !important;
    .page-id-xx #header, .page-id-xx #primary, .page-id-xx .content {
        width: 100% !important;
    .page-id-xx #header {
        padding-left: 0 !important;



    Hi, sorry to jump in on this topic but I was also looking for a full width page content.
    I am using the event calendar by (it seems to works great with Enfold).
    I have a “plasterboard” view which I think would look better if it used all of the screen width. See sample pic: Standard Implementation

    I used the code above for the color section but each individual event is being made full width instead of the actual plasterboard view.
    You will see what I mean by this screenshot: Full width Implementation

    I wondered if you guys had any idea how I can make the first screenshot content widescreen?

    My site is not published yet, but I could give you admin access if you require it.
    Many thanks.


    Don’t have an answer for you just an affirmation of the beauty of the finally revised and working perfectly event calendar by which I have lusted over for some time.

    I too really really wanted posterboard view but am going to content myself with “stream” instead.

    I wasn’t able to get a full width page functional but since I have extreme affection for the Sentence theme, I tailored my expectations on the functionality of timely. I really wanted to ensure that I was lookin’ good on the phone so maintaining the integrity of a narrow layout was really important to me.

    All the best with your site…


    @heathcliffe Please create another topic in the Enfold subforum.

    @sandbar, did the code i provide in #300836 worked for you?


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