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    looks like i need completely remove the top image on the gallary post to make this work the way

    i want it to.

    If i do that, is there a way to create a hack so that i can have full width on plog and galery posts,

    just like there allready is on pages?

    ..And, (sorry for keep asking abouth this) help me with my rating plugin?

    (If kriesi is away, could you please remind him of this issue, and maybe ask him to put this high

    up on his list when he comes back? Nearly one month sinse i started that thread now).

    See this:





    I’m sorry it’s taken a while to get an answer, the other topic (you linked to) is still marked for Kriesi’s attention and I’ll mark this for his attention. I know he’s been busy (moving house) so that may explain the delay but I’ll ask him to look at the topic :)




    Hey André!

    You need to apply the class “fullwidth” to the div with id “main” in single.php. Of course this would affect all posts so you might want to controll it with a custom field.

    When writing a post scroll down to the custom fields and create a new one with key: style and value: fullwidth

    in single.php line 36 add the follwoing code:

    $style = get_post_meta($post->ID, "style", true);

    and change

    echo '<div id="main">';


    echo '<div id="main" class="'.$style.'">';

    Concerning your other problem: Ive looked into it and couldn’t reproduce the bug with a new installation, (but I could with the first version of the theme) therefore I am wondering if something wasnt properly upgraded. When clicking one of the stars an ajax request is made to the followng file:

    this indicates that you are still using the old version of the theme since the request is pointing to a file within my theme framework and not the actual external plugin file, which should be the case in the latest version. Maybe you did miss some files when upgrading, maybe something didnt work out, I honestly dont know.

    Only recommendation I can make is: to be 100% sure that everything is updated correctly copy the themes folder from your server to your local disk, so the theme is removed from the website. also deactivate and remove the postratings plugin.

    then install the latest theme, as well as the external plugin folder that comes with the download and check if postratings are working.

    if thats the case pick the files you have edited on your local machine and copy them to your webserver to overwrite the default ones.



    Oh man, that worked! Thanks :)

    It must have been me that did something wrong, but i don’t know what is was.

    But, isn’t the stars supose to show on the top, inside the gallery pages aswell?


    Yes it is. Not sure why it doesnt display for you. Only suggestion I have is to check your plugins and external scripts. One of them is throwing a javascript error when opening a single view page, that might be the reason…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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