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    I would like my blog posts to use the full width of the post area, like this:

    The post title, followed by the meta data, a hr and the post content.

    Like the Related Posts area below the blog post, it uses the full width.

    How can I accomplish that?



    I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Could you link to your page and then elaborate what you would like to widen/move around – and do you want to keep the sidebar?


    I want to keep the sidebar to the right. And move the meta data (flag, comments, categories and author of the post) from the left side of the post and instead place it just below the post title.

    Then I want to use the space where the meta data was at first, to make the post area wider. So by full width I mean the full width of the post area, not full width of the page.

    (I tried to illustrate this with my dropbox image :-) If I can get the post area wider, I will be able to place 3 images horizontally in my blog posts, instead of 2)

    I´ve seen in the css files that you use classes with ‘nine units alpha’ and ‘three units alpha’ and ‘offset-by-three’ and I guess something needs to be done there, but I´m not really sure where to start…


    Any ideas, please?


    In each of the post formats



    <div class="six units entry-content">

    Replace with

    <div class="nine units entry-content">

    If you want the meta area larger as well


    <div class="three units alpha blog-meta meta-color">


    <div class="nine units alpha blog-meta meta-color">


    Thanks a lot, gobigfoot!

    With your help I got it just the way I wanted :-)


    Happy to help


    Thanks gobigfoot for helping us out :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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