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    Is there a way have archive pages (category, tags, search) be full-width without a sidebar?

    For example, on http://worlddailyphoto.com/category/middle-east/jordan, I want to use the sidebar space to display more content instead.


    P.S. Sorry for so many questions, but it’s because I’m really enjoying your theme :D



    I’m sorry but it’s not easily possible to change the archive layout to fullwidth. It would require an additional content box logic, etc.


    Would you consider adding this feature? Either in your next update… or for a fee? ;)

    – Lily


    Someone actually started customising the archive page, but they never finished it. They wanted it 3-column without a sidebar. I remember reading the post because I was going to use it too. I wrote to her to see if she solved it, but looking at her site, I think she never bothered.

    I can’t find the post on the forums now. It was about a month ago.


    Yeah, I’d love the archives page with no sidebar. Especially since I’m using it to display photos :) If you find it, let me know!



    If you get to the point where heynandine ended up (from the topic rumblefish linked) I’d be willing to check on it, since the spacing shouldn’t be THAT big of a problem, or at least there should be a quick workaround. No guarantees though.


    Hey Chris, I’ll try it if you’re up for it. Can you pull together all the changes that Nadine made and Dude suggested into one post?



    Hey, I believe the only info that was used can be found in the topic you linked so it wouldn’t have much use to just copy paste that in here, right?


    I’m going to give this a whirl :)


    I’ve figured out how to display 3 columns of archives and no sidebar – I’ve converted the ‘even’ ‘odd’ classes to ‘first’ ‘second’ ‘third’.

    However, how do I make the white title area the same height for all items in the row?

    For example in the middle of the first row, the title area is taller than the two posts adjacent to it: http://worlddailyphoto.com/category/jordan

    Thanks again :)


    It’s to do with the function that equalizes the depth of the column containers based on the one with the longest text block inside. I forget what it’s called (it’s late!). One of the guys will know. It’s probably in the loop-archive.php file somewhere.



    hi, does any one solve this, the solution or trick? especially for category in full width :)



    You can try this. Seems to remove the sidebars, but only 1 column of categories remains.You can have a grid by using Views & Types plugins, should be fairly easy. Otherwise its a fairly involved project.

    #top.category .sidebar {
    display: none;

    #top.category #content {
    width: 780px;
    /* modify this number to make things fit better it was 580px originally */



Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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