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    Hi, I´m trying to make the top slider full width, but when I do the product slider below disappears? How should I do to get a full width slider on top and product photos boxed below (like it is now)?

    Regards/ ÅsaW





    What kind of slider are you using? I have this same layout on my end. It works ok.

    Use the Template Builder. Insert the slider then insert Product element. You can also Import the dummy data.




    I used the template builder for the frontpage.

    I then made the slider in the the page named “Home” with built in slider options, I chooses full width slider in the built in options. This is where the problems kick in. If I in the Layout box on the page “Home” use Default – the slider is boxed and product photos is ok below. If I overwrite in Layout box and use Frontpage (the templete built “Frontpage) I get a full width slide but the producktphotos disappears! How should I go about to get full width on top and products boxed below?



    Please don’t use photos of this size . That’s 3.8 megs in size, and you have more than one in a slider. Few people have the bandwidth (and patience) to wait for it to load (especially on mobile device. Also an image like that should *not* be in PNG format but should be a JPG (jpg for photos).. You can also resize it to 1038×693

    You can use this desktop software to compress it because it should be no bigger than 100-140k and not 3800k

    This is what is causing your problems.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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