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    hi i have a few qns and i hope that you could kindly help, firstly i like to say what a great theme well worth the purchase =)

    1) Regarding the background slide show becoming a full screen, is it possible to code it so that it fills to the longest edge ONLY whilst keeping the same ratio? i understand that portraits and panoramic shots will have negative spaces, i am fine with that, it is just at the moment it fills the screen so much that i only end up seeing 1/4 of the image for portraits or panormas. i choose not to use NON CROP mode as that leaves negatives spaces for my landscape images as well, i am happy for those to be cropped. As the internet tool bar and the windows tool bar will end up covering the negative spacing of landscape images.

    2) right now all the slide shows gallery as well as the flexible grid gallery’s always show the very first image ever upload, whilst the latest images will always appear last, is there a code that will randomise EVERYTHING (almost everything) this way it will keep the site FRESH. the only thing that i wish not to randomise is my blog and also my wedding series images (wedding > memoirs), since these tell a story of the days unfolding.

    3) when a image is clicked a light box appears, and the title (name of the file) is shown above the lightbox, is it possible to get rid of this? as i do not want to have to go through and rename and come up with new names constantly.

    4) last one, in my memoirs section and blog once you slick into a topic, my images seem to over flow. is it possible to code it so that the back white content area automatically widens to fit the widest image automatically? see the below links

    BTW i am not a web designer or any sort, i might need to get help when it comes to coding, if it is just a simple cut and paste, could you kindly show me where?

    many thanks in advance


    Hi jyonii,

    I’ll just go through each question and answer as best I can:

    1) Unfortunately no this isn’t easily possible. The issue is that the script needs to adapt to every different size display and screen resolution so adding a secondary check to see if the current window size has a specific edge larger or smaller. While I don’t think it would be impossible it isn’t something we can help with through support as it would be quite a bit addition and customization to the fullscreen script.

    2) As far as I know the gallery images aren’t arranged in a query type that would allow them to be ordered or randomized for that matter. The script just goes over each image in the array and then displays it so this wouldn’t be possible.

    3) Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    div.ppt {
    display: none !important;

    4) I’m not getting the same issue you describe when viewing those links. It could be a browser specific issue but what I think you mean is that that the images expand beyond the container width. You can try inserting thumbnail sized images with a max width of 430px instead of fullsize images into your posts which should eliminate it from ever happening.

    The css for #3 is just copy+paste so that you don’t have to change any theme files.




    Thanks for you help Devin!

    Much appreciated!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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