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    I am trying to determine what the best way to integrate a product data feed into both Abundance and Propulsion. The feed will be from a secure FTP site that contains 4 separate sub directories outlined below. Before I outline the directories I want to make sure I elaborate on exactly what I’m looking for advice/support on.

    The secure FTP data feed will update frequently so I want to use a script or plugin that will automate this process. I’m having a difficult time finding something I can use to do this that is compatible with the Templates, AVIA framework and Woocommerce and would be so very grateful for any advice you can provide that will allow me to move past this giant speed bump in my project.

    Here’s the sftp file structure and details:


    – Updates on Sundays

    – Located in the home directory

    – Filename format: 0012345_PRICE.*

    Catalog Content:

    – Updates daily (7 days a week) at about 5:00 am ET.

    – Located in the CommServerCatalog directory

    – Document explains the fields and has examples: CIF Text Field



    – Updates are as needed per image file (use file dates)

    – 72dpi Images (for web) located in CommServerImages72notscaled


    – 300dpi Images (for print) located in CommServerImages300notscaled



    – In the CommServerOther folder you will find more files.

    – Items requiring a license

    – Mandatory Freight items

    – Substitute items

    – Items on special (with start & end dates)

    Please let me know if there’s anything else I should have included.

    Again, thank you in advance as this has been driving me a bit bonkers


    Hi pcprincess77,

    I’m not sure WooCommerce is compatible with something like that. You would need to check if it is possible and how to do that within WooCommerce before digging into adding support for the themes.

    I’ll tag the rest of the support crew to see if anyone knows off hand if WooCommerce does have support for automated product adding.





    You write that you currently have a product capable of doing all that you describe, but are having a problem of getting it to work with Abundance and Propulsion?

    What specific problem are you having, because judging by your detailed description of the ftp, you are probably having a problem retrieving the data from the ftp? Am I understanding you correctly?

    Which autoblogger plugin are you using? Normally something like this is done using private rss feeds, so is this custom?

    At which point in the workflow are you running into a problem?

    One thing I can tell you, is that there is no need to have different dpi for web and print, since it will look identical online whether it is 72dpi or 272 dpi. Only pixels count online and dpi is not relevant to browsers, so a 100 x 100 pixel image at 72 dpi will look identical to a 100 x 100 at 300 dpi online , and will only look different when it is printed.




    Hi Nick,

    No I currently do not have a product, plugin or API capable of doing this, that’s what I’m looking for help with. The images aren’t of any concern as I’ll likely choose one folder and stick with it as there is no need for both.

    The project I’m developing is an international, multilingual ecommerce website. I am using WPML for translation purposes,

    The data feed I outlined above is a service I purchased from my Vendor that allows me full access to the data for translation and manipulation purposes.

    The data feed is going to be through a secure FTP server and will need to be setup to automatically check for updates in the files on the server and in return update the information such as price increases, decreases etc.

    It’s a bit trickier than I had hoped and given the fact I’m using, WordPress, Woocommerce, Kriesi templates that are built on the AVIA framework, my fear is that WHEN I find an add-on, extension, plugin etc…that I’ll have some incompatibility issues with any of the above.

    I’ve done a lot of research and I feel like I’m going in circles.

    I hope that helped answer your question


    If you can get the process working with WooCommerce then Replete would probably be your best option for the least complications. It uses the default image attachments and was built to have maximum compatibility with WooCommerce.

    Otherwise, there isn’t a lot we can do since it isn’t something already covered/part of the normal theme functions and as I said I’m not entirely sure its possibly with WooCommerce.

    In the end, I would say you’ll need the commerce to work 100% before stepping into theme integration just to keep the process simple.




    I original purchased Abundance then realized it wasn’t responsive so I then purchased Propulsion. I looked at Replete and would like to use it however I’ve already spent the money on the two themes that I’m not going to end up using. Is there a way to exchange one purchase for Replete?


    We (the support team & Kriesi) can’t exchange items however you can try to contact the envato support staff: – Envato is the company behind the themeforest marketplace and they can exchange items (if they want to). However tbh I’m not sure if Replete will help you in this case because imho WooCommerce will not work with your API out of the box. Obviously you can write/create a WooCommerce extension which allows you to integrate a product feed/api into any WooCommerce theme (eg someone created a plugin for amazon products: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /3057503/?ref=Zweistein”> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /3057503 ) however Replete just integrates the “standard” WooCommerce plugin and does not provide a “special” API or a product feed feature out of the box.


    Just to be certain, Kriesi themes are only compatible with Woocommerce and not other ecommerce plugins like WP-ecommerce, jigshop etc..?



    I think you are looking at this in the wrong way. The amount of time and investment it would take to create the piece of software you envision will be significantly more than it would take to get any theme compatible with jingoshop or another eCommerce solution.

    Jingoshop is not directly compatible with the themes, but since it is so close to WooCommerce , its just a matter of finding the equivalent parts and substituting them. (I have never tried using Jingoshop with the themes, but I don’t see it as a significant issue by comparison to building your importer).

    The way I would write the software you require would be to create an abstract representation of the general fields you will be updating and then its just a simple matter of letting the program know the database field that represents the price in one framework vs another. In my opinion you should focus on creating this ‘cron importer/updater’, and once its made , tweaking it to various shopping carts and frameworks is the easy part imo.




    Thanks Guys!

    I’ll keep you posted on the outcome



    Great – I hope you find a satisfying solution.




    I’ve purchased replete and have been working on my customizations


    Also, the catalog data files I mentioned above required manual modifications and their data is a mess so until I have time to write a script to read in the file and strip, cleanse and output exactly what I need, I simply made the changes to the master catalog file and imported it using CSV product suite and while I’m developing and testing I’ll leave it as is for now.

    If you happen to come across anything regarding CIF Data Files in the future let me know :)




    Sure, we’ll let you know :)

    Best regards,


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