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    Currently we are experiencing issues with the frontpage full-width slider after updating to WP 3.6.1

    There supposed to be 8 images in the slider but only the first two appear. Also caption buttons are not showing.

    We tried de-activating all plugins but no change. Also tried re-installing replete theme but no change there either. Recently updated to 1.5 version.

    Our site is http:/botanicalroad.co.nz

    Is there perhaps a .php or.js file what needs updating or modification?

    Any help would be appreciated


    Ok, in regards to this issue, this is what we found today.

    When entering our site: http://botanicalroad.co.nz on sites like http://shrinktheweb.com and http://gtmetrix.com the slider seems to be working, but not here in New Zealand. We asked friends and family and also on the mobile network it’s not showing.

    Anyone with the same issue?



    It looks like we found the culprit; Google Chrome! The slider works fine in IE…however we still don’t understand what causes the malfunction in Chrome.

    Feedback is welcome…Thanks



    Please download the latest version of Replete on your themeforext account. Update your installation via FTP: https://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/64927356

    This is about the jQuery issue brought by updating to WordPress 3.6. Remove browser cache then reload the page.



    I experience the same problem with my online shop http://www.thejeweller.ro. Still haven’t solved it.



    Did you upgrade the theme as suggested above?

    Best regards,


    Hey Ismael,

    Just giving you an update, everything’s working fine now. Updating to the latest Replete version did the trick. Also updated to WP 3.7




    Glad it worked. :)

    Best regards,

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