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    Hi together, hallo zusammen – I was just trying to find out how to build my frontpage like you did on

    1) How is it possible to add single product items like on the demo slider “für Sie ausgesucht” ? I do have product IDs, but not SKU?

    It’s hard to understand the short codes right now and I’d like to display it exactly in this way.

    2) How do I add specific products (of one category, or multiple categories) like in the demo “Unsere neuesten Kollektionen” ? I’d like to display it exactly in this way as well.

    Do I have to use the template builder or can I please use the template which I already have somehow?

    I already use the right sidebar for my front page so I’d like to find an easy way.


    Does anyone have an idea about that?

    Hat jemand eine Idee?


    I still need an urgent reply – could please someone try to help me?



    You need to use the Template Builder. Create a new template, set it to “no sidebar”. Insert the Product Slider, then insert the Products element, make it 3 column and force the sidebar.




    I did it, however I can only choose from a product category, and not from a SINGLE product.. also there is no option to adjust the size of the slider images?

    And if I use the slider with sidebar, the slider is not available anymore?!

    Please let me know if there can be done anything about it.


    Hi hansvolk,

    No, there is no way to choose individual products to go in the slider. You must choose a product category or categories.

    The slider images depends on how many columns you choose to show.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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