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    Firstly – I’m completely new to WP so please forgive my newb-ness

    I have installed the dummy data and played around with layouts and posts to familiarise myself with WP and the Propulsion theme. I wanted to delete all data and start again but realised this couldn’t be done easily to decided to just delete some of the pages. I then installed the woocommerce and forum plugins, clicked add pages after installation, but these are not appearing on the top of frontpage as page links, just in the footer. Also, now I have created a new page for the blog and contact, selected the relevant parts in the theme options but these are also not showing on the top of the frontpage either. can you help point me in the right direction here.



    Hello hopg23!

    Please go to Appearance > Menus then insert the new pages that you created as menus. Make sure that you selected a menu on Theme Locations > Propulsion Main Menu.

    Best regards,


    Thanks so much Ismael! Sorry to ask such a simple question.

    May I ask off the back of this question > how do I go about changing the name of the ‘Portfolio’ page to ‘Products’, and all other related references in the front end. For example, I would like the front page to have ‘latest products’ instead of ‘latest portfolio entries’ in that small tag.

    Thanks again.


    no need to reply, I have worked it out :)

    Thanks again, great template!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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