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    I’m using the Choices theme and am having trouble with the side bar on my home page. I’ve applied a dynamic Frontpage template to my Home page, and have specified that a custom sidebar be shown for the home page via the Choices settings page. After adding the appropriate widgets to the Pages: Home section in Appearance -> Widgets, the side bar contains a listing of all the pages within the site, the Categories, and Archives rather than the widgets I specified.

    The only ways I can have the correct sidebar appear on the home page is:

    1) if I remove the Frontpage dynamic template (which is undesirable, since that defines my main body content of the home page), or

    2) if I go to localhost/wordpressSite/home/

    Any ideas why this is happening? I originally had this sidebar working, but it isn’t any longer working due to some change I’ve made that I can’t figure out. Thanks for your help.



    Did you try to use the standard wordpress frontpage settings? Go to Settings > Reading and set a static frontpage by using the dropdown option field.




    Yes – I am using a static front page already.


    Hi bhatiav,

    I just did a quick test and was able to get the sidebar working by changing the Frontpage template to have a sidebar then creating the new sidebar area with the theme options and after adding my widgets to that area I designated the “Home” page as the static frontpage in the Settings>Reading as Peter suggested above.

    It was only after doing the last step that the actual sidebar displayed and not the widgets from my Displayed Everywhere widget area.




    I’ve done all of that already, and I still don’t have the widgets that I chose showing up in the front page’s sidebar (only the sidebar that shows up everywhere by default). I had changed themes at one point to try something out, then changed it back to Choices, which is when this issue occurred. Do the custom-defined widget areas get messed up when you switch themes?


    Yes, this can happen – especially because WordPress saves the order of the widgets by using ids. I’d try to restore the database(if possible) or to clear the entire widget area by removing all widgets.


    URGENT – I just removed all widget areas in the Choices settings, and now my admin page is seriously messed up. The styles on the admin pages are all broken (all the menus, for example, are exploded out), and I no longer have a sidebar option to select within the Choices customization page. Please help – I am close to the site launch date for a client, and I have no idea how to fix this issue.



    I am sorry, do you have a url we could look at? If there is a problem with the edits, just revert back to the original version of the page the you worked on last. You can always download the latest version of the theme from Theme Forrest.

    Please consider using to gain more control over targeting widgets.




    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the suggestion on the widget logic plugin. I should provide a bit more detail:

    – I’ve created a child theme of Choices which has a few customizations to styles. I’ve had no problem with this child theme at all.

    – I have two sites – one is a local install (which serves as my sandbox environment), and the other is mirrored on a hosted server

    – My local version of the site is what broke after I added/removed widgets

    – I exported the database from the hosted server and imported it into my local site, and the site itself looks perfect (with sidebars and all)

    – The problem occurs when I go into the admin them – the styles are completely broken, and the admin pages look like a mess (namely, all the menus are exploded out since, somehow, none of the CSS styles are being applied).

    – This happens on my local machine even after I created a brand new, fresh install of WP and imported the DB from the hosted server

    Hopefully this helps in diagnosing the problem. Any ideas on what I could try?


    Maybe the DB file of the hosted server requires some adjustments? I.e. I’d replace the server domain/url with your localhost url – otherwise it can happen that wordpress tries to load some resources from non existing urls.


    That wasn’t it (I use WP MIGRATE DB, which is a plugin that helps you move a wordpress database into another location, correcting paths to the new server URLs to avoid this problem). I found another fix just now – (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) . Looks like if you turn off Javascript concatenation, this problem disappears. Any ideas as to why this is required for the Choices theme? It worked fine until I ran into this widgets issue.


    To be honest I don’t know why you had to activate the concatenation in this case. Normally our themes work with the default wordpress setup. Maybe the issue is caused by the server configuration (eg allocated memory limit, etc.).

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