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    Hi –

    Loving the theme so far, a little hard to get the hang of, but Im getting there.

    The front page is displaying some content at the bottom that I would like to delete. it seems to be stock content from replete’s theme. Its a box displaying text about Fonts, colors, SEO, and on the right side says “120% effort for every customer we get. That’s how we roll.”

    I Just want to delete this because it has nothing to do with our site. Please help!

    How is this not easier to figure out? ughhhhhhh, thanks in advance :) :) :)



    Hey lmacheca,

    I couldn’t see anything like that on your front page, did you manage to remove it?



    Hi Rikard –

    I did!

    The workaround was simply to add an element on the front page template builder.

    The element that I added was “display a page/post.” By displaying a post from our blog the element in question disappeared.

    I have another question though regarding the ‘Logo/Sponsor’ list element: When I upload my images, I have tried both 100 x 100 and the recommended 80 x 80 they show up very large and blurry.

    I read about others having this problem and the documentation provided recommended a thumbnail regeneration plugin. Could you confirm if this is the best route and or why my Logo/partner list images are having sizing and resolution problems.




    Can you please post the link to your page where you have the issue?



    Hi Digit –

    Our site is usinventorysolutions.org



    Wordpress is cropping images by default when uploading them. You can control this behavior with a plugin like: https://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/simple-image-sizes

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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