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    I would like my homepage of my website to be viewed full size “no sidebar”.. I went to edit the homepage of my website, in the “Layout” section I selected “Fullsize (no sidebar)”, it spread the text full size perfectly. But selecting that option made my homepage not to be viewed properly.

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    Hi dontae82!

    I have load your web site and seems fine to me.
    Can you please define for us, what does not look properly?



    Yes the website seems fine because I have it set with a sidebar. The layout of my homepage is “Dynamic Templates – Frontpage” … But for me to have it utilize the full page I set it at “Predefined Templates – Fullsize (no sidebar), which looks like this.

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    That’s how it looks using Google Chrome. I want it to look like this, but the problem is if you look at the words “Best Vape Pen E-Liquid Juice”, it’s the permalink to that page, but I don’t want that link being there. Here is the way it looks on Internet Explorer with the “Predefined Templates – Fullsize (no sidebar) page setting.

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    As u see the permalink “Best Vape Pen E-Liquid” is shown even bigger, but what makes that worse is that my slideshow doesn’t appear in Internet Explorer using the Fullsize (no sidebar) template setting.

    Please help



    I checked your website and it looks fine to me. I can’t see any permalink title you mentioned. Did you remove it? we need to be able to inspect the elements in question, so it would be best to provide us a test link showing the issues.
    It would be good if you send us admin access as well, so we can have a deeper look into it. Post login details here as private reply.



    Front page changed layout
    Message: Hello I need help I made welcome page as my front page, and the layout was similar to the demo front page. I changed a little in woocommerce config.php to change to swedish language and som small changes in css as well. Yesterday night I made some changes into woocommerce and maybe other things I don\’t remember. Today I logged in but the front page layout was changed.
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    Please create a new ticket so we can review the site and assist you better with it.
    Thanks a lot

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