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    Hello Kriesi,

    You know I am a veteran with your themes but lately things are giving me some issues not seen before. This issue is related to Display Theme only and the problem is as follows.

    I want to use Display theme on a Brand NEW Clean Install, but when I do this I get this error,

    The database tables that are necessary to make “Mainpage Slider” work could not be installed

    Possible Solutions:

    Please deactivate all your plugins and refresh this page

    Make sure that you are using a wordpress account with all privileges.

    I am using the latest version available in TF, and I made sure to update the WP to 3.0 prior to the theme upload or install. The theme was uploaded with absolutely nothing installed on WP or modified, just install WP and install theme. I have no plugins installed or anything to uninstall.

    Tested this with version 1.0 and got the same result. The funny thing is that I have this theme installed in my website since last year and it has never caused this issue. Could you shine some light on this problem as I have read all the forums threads in TF and none address the issue with a result that has been proven to clear the problem.

    thanks in advance,



    I figured out the issue that causes this error. It is caused when renaming the theme in the css header, can you assist in letting me know how I can correct the issue as I want to install the theme twice in the same domain in order to accomplish what I need.




    If you want to install both themes in the same install you should duplicate the theme, naming the theme differently to the original and edit the Theme Name in style.css you should’t have any problems uploading them both. If you are using Multi Site this is the option you should choose.

    If you are using separate installs (i.e. 2 different sets of WordPress files), you won’t need to rename the theme folder or edit style.css. Make sure that your separate installs use different databases or a different table prefix (set in wp-config.php).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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