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    I posted an issue yesterday regarding this and I thought I’d found a solution, but it did not work. Here’s the issue:

    I am using the Newscast theme. I recently changed my sidebar options to use “one big sidebar” versus “2 smaller sidebars.” As a result of this change, the “sidebar right” options are missing and all of my sidebar widgets appear to be left justified (just under my posts). How can I change this?

    I found a post in which another person fixed the issue by changing the size of the sidebar. I tried this in the sidebar.php file, however no luck.

    Any help is appreciated.



    Hi MzAngel,

    The first thing I would suggest is to disable all active plugins and hard refresh the page when you view it after. There are a couple of plugins getting spit out in odd places within the code and it could be that one of them just isn’t compatible with how the theme creates the wide sidebar or displays.

    The next would be to re-install the theme on top of itself to see if there a file got corrupted or any code changed that could be causing the issue. You’ll want to make a backup of the theme files locally if you have made any customizations to the them.





    Add this on your css

    #top .fullwidth_sidebar {
    height: auto !important;
    width: 340px !important;




    Hi Devin & Ismael,

    Unfortunately, the suggestions did not work. I may have been unclear about this in my earlier post, however part of the issue is I do not have the option to put widgets in the “Frontpage Sidebar Right”. The only option that I have is “Frontpage Sidebar Left.”


    You were able to resolve this issue for another member. Is there a widget plugin or something that I can use to fix this issue?




    Do you have any specific plugins installed?

    When I last visited your page, I can see that the sidebar is populated with widgets. That is why I gave you a css solution to bring the right sidebar back to the right position.

    You can try this plugin It will remove all of your widget settings, widgets etc. Almost set it to factory settings. When did the Frontpage Sidebar Right disappear? It is very unlikely to happen unless you remove the register_sidebar function somewhere on the theme files.

    Note: I am not sure if this is a safe plugin. When I tested it, it removes everything on Appearance > Widgets except the Widget Areas of course. Let’s do hope that it will restore the Sidebar Right widget area.




    Hi Ismael,

    The Frontpage right sidebar option disappears whenever I change my Newscast side bar options to “one big sidebar.” I have deactivated all of my plugins, however it did not resolve the issue. I believe this is an issue with the theme because I’ve seen similar posts on this issue (on this site).

    I will try the plugin on my test site. Thanks for your response.



    I placed the code from your previous post in my style.css. Was that correct?



    You can’t use both widget areas with the one sidebar layout. However if you want to display the “right” sidebar widget areas on the admin page to “transfer” the widgets to the “left” sidebar widget areas open up wp-contentthemesnewscastwidgets.php and replace:

    $sidebars = $k_option['custom']['sidebars'];


    $sidebars = $k_option['custom']['sidebars'];
    $sidebars = array('left','right');


    Unfortunately, that did not work. The issue is only occurring in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The site looks fine on Safari. Do you have any other suggestions. I’ve searched for this issue on wordpress and found many others with the same problem, however I’ve not see any solutions.

    Here’s the code:




    margin:0 20px 40px 0;

    padding:0 0 0px 19px;


    overflow: hidden;


    #top .fullwidth_sidebar{

    height: auto !important;



    #top .layout-right{



    #top .layout-left{



    .sidebar .box{


    padding:0 0 10px 0;

    overflow: hidden;



    .box h3{

    padding:8px 0 4px;




    The issue has been resolved. I tried several solutions by reading the other posts on this topic. Thank you very much.



    Good thing you fixed it.



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