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    I had some security issues with my website http://newgreekmarble.com and I had to restore the database and now I cannot show the front page with the slider. The website goes automatically to the Home page skipping the front page. Any proposals?



    The front page and the homepage should be the same page??

    Can you direct me to the URL for your homepage and the URL for your frontpage?

    I know you’ve given us the site URL but I don’t understand the problem so the 2 direct URL’s would be required for me to help you.




    The home page is different from the front page. Unfortunately I cannot display the front page with the slider that I have set up in order to sent you the link (e.g. http://kriesi.at/demos/display/). When the website loads, in skips the front page and goes directly to the home page which is just a simple page.

    I hope I helped.



    Can you direct me to the URL for your homepage and the URL for your frontpage?

    I need the site URL to look into this…



    Thank you very much for your reply!

    The homepage used to be like the original (default) homepage format in Display theme (http://kriesi.at/demos/display/)


    Check your reading setting under “Settings > Reading”. If you’ve set a static page there unset it.


    Thank you very much for the support!!!!!

    This was the solution!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    I have a similar issue…

    I’m using the Display theme with WordPress, and all of a sudden the main page with the slider

    has changed into the blog overview.

    I tried changing the setting of Settings->reading but whatever I put in there, the mainpage with

    the slider does not show up :-( Please help! The site URL: http://www.toneboosters.com .


    Please unset the static page option. Under Settings->reading choose: Front page displays

    “Your latest posts”


    Unfortunately that doesn’t help. I digged a little deeper; it seems that the theme is not compatible

    with the latest version of WP-eCommerce (www.getshopped.org). It worked fine before version 3.8.3,

    but since this version the frontpage does not appear whatever the setting under ‘front page displays’ is.

    When I remove the getshopped plugin, the frontpage immediate shows up again…. Do you have any ideas

    how to solve this?


    No not really – the frontpage settings are wp core functions. Maybe try to ask the plugin authors if they deactivated it somehow….

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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