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    Another question if you could help please.

    On the frontpage with slider template – I have put 3 portfolios on the page. The first one set only to ‘families’, the second one to ‘couples’ and the third one to ‘travel’.

    However, every time I add a new portfolio image it doesn’t go to the front page. The 3 ‘older’ images stay on the front page.

    Is there a way to make the new portfolio images go to the front page?

    And I guess relate to that question, is there a way to make the newer images go to the top of the Portfolio page instead of keep adding them to the bottom. I’d like our recent work to always be at the top if possible…

    Thanks again. We really appreciate everything.


    I think I just found the answer to this in another thread. Thank you…


    Actually it’s not quite resolved yet..

    I used the code from this thread

    But now when I click on the thumbnail on the frontpage (for example the one titled ‘A Photo Obsession’…) it goes to a blank page instead of the portfolio page.

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you


    I’m still having problems with the portfolio on the frontpage. Can someone please help us?

    Every time we click one of the thumbnails from the portfolio on the front page it goes to a blank page. Please help us fix this. Thank you!



    I am sorry for the wait.

    The reason for the blank page is either due to

    1) a misconfiguration of your server (text being sent with headers of an image).

    2) you have img src=” somewhere (though I could’nt find it). That is the most common reason for having a blank page

    For some reason something on the pages is being sent with the wrong headers. The browser attempts to show an image and instead shows a blank screen when instead of an image there is text. The page is actually still there (you can right click on empty page and click view source to see that the code).

    I suspect its one of the social networks or quantcast. Please make sure you are using the correct URL for quantcast. Would you also please disable the social plugin you are using, clear the browser cache, and see if the invisible page can be seen again.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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