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    It seems like there are two codes for greyscale images on top of the portfolio image, and one of them is broken. The image code that shows a greyscale img hovering above the item image is:

    <img src="" title="wwac_portfolio_cover" alt="" data-imgw="241" data-imgh="179" style="left: 0px; -webkit-perspective: 1000;">

    The code that seems to be broken, and the resulting output looks like this:



    And in Safari, the portfolio div looks like this at the top, with some sort of div problem:



    Oh, and let me know if I need to make the website ( public. Right now, it’s hidden with “Coming Soon Pro.” Thanks.


    It seems like your server didn’t generate the greyscale image (greyscale image is missing and the browser just shows a small placeholder icon). Maybe try to regenerate the thumbnails with: and if this doesn’t work try to contact your hoster and ask them if the installed gdimage server library is limited/restricted in some way.


    Regenerate Thumbnails worked in regenerating the thumbnails, but now the images are ONLY in greyscale on the portfolio thumbs. But…. when I click on the thumbnail, and the ajax kicks in, both the thumbnail and the fullsize image are in color. ???


    It’s as if the “port_cover-241×179-greyscale.jpg” hides the color. It should be the other way around, yes? Maybe the “.image_overlay_effect” in the CSS has something to do with it?


    I appreciate any help here. Everything else is fine, except for the thumbnails on the front page portfolio are now only in greyscale.

    Any ideas?


    Hi tuxradio,

    The default behavior is in fact to show only the greyscale image. During the Ajax active state the color image will show while the item loads into the page. This can be seen in the demo here:



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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