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    Hey guys,

    Can someone please explain what the front page actually is, because it seems to be different in Shoutbox and WP?

    I currently have the front page set to what would normally be called the home page: the first page you land on when you enter the site. The base url. But that front page is static (well, it’s a page with a dynamic template from the template builder).

    My blog is on another page called “news”, which is accessible form the main menu.

    Now this is where the fun starts.

    The front page, as WP calls it in dashboard/settings, is my static page, yet the Tagline for the site is appearing when the blog is shown. And the blog isn’t my front page.

    BUT, in the dashboard/widgets panel, there is an area set up to place widgets on the front page. And guess what? When I put widgets in there they appear on the blog. Which isn’t meant to be the front page.

    So which is which?

    And more importantly, how can I get the tagline to appear on the real front page – the static one?

    Confused? I am.




    How can I get the main tagline to show on the real front page – the static one – instead of the frontpage (internal blog)?





    did you try to use the theme options panel (Shoutbox > General Options) to set the front page/blog page? If not please try to set the front page there. If you set the front page via theme options panel try to set it with WP – go to Settings > Reading > “Set static frontpage”.


    These are my settings Dude –


    Front page displays Static Page – Front Page = “Static” Posts Page = “News”

    Shoutbox/ Theme Options:

    Frontpage Settings – “Static”

    News Overview = “News”

    If I change them around, the Home page becomes my frontpage Blog which I don’t want. Right now the internal Blog (“news”) is displaying the tagline for the Home page, and it should be displaying the one for “news”, because it’s thinking it’s actually the front / home page.

    I think I need to hardcode the taglines into those pages somehow, because it’s just getting confused. Do you know how to do it?




    Try to change the wp settings (Settings > Reading) to “Front page displays” – “Your latest posts” and configure the frontpage/homepage via the theme panel.


    Thanks Dude, I have it working how I need it now after changing the widget logic settings. The taglines are correct now.

    One last doubt about widgets. I have one widget “Displaying Everywhere”, but it always appears as the last widget in the sidebar, at the bottom. That’s not a problem, but is there anyway to change which widget appears first when they are not inside the same sidebar panel?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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