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    Hi I recently purchased this theme for my school’s student newspaper. I have been having trouble getting the image slider to work as well as having the thumbnails show up. I tried reuploading the images to the slider in the format specified by the readme file with no success. After that I tried changing the style.css to use pictures at their already uploaded formats. This did not work either.

    Here are some screenshots:

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    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


    Still having issues. Does anyone know what could be going wrong?


    Alright. It’s been four days. Can I get some help with this already?


    Hey, sorry about the delay getting back to you :)

    The images are loading correctly for me, (Safari on Mac) are you still having this problem with Internet Explorer?



    I have to keep the original theme up. the slider we are using is not yours either. please look at the original pictures i posted and tell me what is going wrong. I also go rid of any plugins that might have JS errors as mentioned in a previous thread. Do not look at the actual site, just the ones i posted.




    Without seeing the problem live it’s very difficult to diagnose and provide a solution. There could be a wide variety of issues which could cause this problem; I can’t speculate as to what is causing the problem without seeing it.

    Can you reactivate the slider causing the problem, even if on a duplicate site?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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