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    I’ve been searching around the forums finding slightly similar problems to this, but I’ve not found a resolve.

    My main issue is that the products on my front page are drawing on images that are not the correct resolution. Generally, space appears to be 160px wide, but the image used is a 150px wide. And if I expand the browser window, the images expand to 210px wide, while still using the 150px wide image. If I squeeze the browser in to a single column layout, they expand to 420 px wide.

    Throughout all of this, the thumbnails look pixellated. The source images used are all 1280×720 and look fine on other pages.

    Is there a setting or adjustment I am missing?

    I’ve got everything updated. WP is 3.5 and I just installed the theme fresh this morning with the latest version. Edit: Oh, and I’ve done no CSS tweaks at all.


    Hi graymachine,

    The theme has yet to be officially approved for 3.5 support so I can’t say for sure off the batt if that has anything to do with it (though I doubt it).

    The one thing I can think to try is to just regenerate your thumbnails to since all the theme files are fresh and new. This way, the image files will be updated and all proper sizes will be generated.

    You can use a plugin like:




    I will just throw my two cents in here. I have upgraded all my sites using some of Kriesi themes to WOrdpress 3.5 and it has not effected anything in any of them.


    This problem actually existed before 3.5. I just put it in that “I’ll deal with that when the time comes an it’s still there” part of the project.

    Regenerate hasn’t had any effect before or now. I noticed on the Themeforest demo that there is some sort of fancy thumbnail animation as the browser resizes. Mine isn’t doing this. How is this animation handled?



    You can install following plugin: – it will help you to adjust the thumbnail sizes (Settings > Media). Afterwards regenerate the thumbnails with:

    Best regards,



    So before I manually start adjusting things to get it to work… What exactly is supposed to happen with these images?

    Currently my images are being resized to a 150×84.png version. As I resize my browser, this same 150×84 version is simply scaled up to fit each layout, looking somewhere between passable and terrible depending on the layout. I am assuming it should be swapping in a different version of the image each time?

    Can I simply force it to use a large version of the image? I don’t understand why this is going on. It’s an unedited version of the theme.

    I’ve got the simple image sizes plugin installed, and after some adjustments and rebuilding, I don’t see anything changing so far. I’ll keep at it

    But, even a manual CSS tweak to force a larger version of the image on to the front page would be welcome.


    Hi graymachine,

    After setting the sizes in the image sizes plugin, kindly use the regenerate your images using the regenerate plugin, (Regenerate plugin will regenerate new sets of images based on the sizes that you have set).




    I guess I’ll rephrase the problem.

    I am not looking to resize the images. That is the problem. I can force them to be sized bigger or smaller, but it still uses a small version of the image.

    Right now, my front page thumbnails use a 150×84 version. If I change the size.. it simple scales it up. I would like this to behave like the Propulsion demo. The thumbnail images use a LARGE version and are scaled down.


    Also, one of my other questions was missed. What handles the animation of the images as the page changes layouts during resizing?


    Hey graymachine,

    Can I take a look at your site live? Actually, if you could create a temporary admin account for me and point me towards one of the images+pages where I can see the issue live while logged in that will expedite things (since you said this was one of your last issues to deal with).

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)



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