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    Don’t know if this is a server, WP or Shoutbox problem.

    But what’s happened is that my front/home page has disappeared. All I have left is the header and the Menu bar, the rest is black – no blog, no feature slider, no footer, no sidebar. The rest of the site is okay. I can access posts in the dashboard and when opened, those pages display fine. It’s just the front/home page that is wrong. I’m working on the site on a local server at the moment, so can’t direct you to the site. Any ideas?


    Just to add: I have tried applying different themes to my site and they all seem to be working no problem and are able to access the home page. It’s only with Shoutbox that I seem to have lost the home page.


    This seems to be an issue with the Featured Post Slider. I retraced my steps, removed the 10 or so posts I’d added to the Featured Post Slider earlier today and the home page came back. However, when I tried to re-post the posts, after six or seven the home page stopped loading again. It’s not a corrupted individual post because it seems sometimes an individual post will load, at another time it won’t. Makes no sense.

    I’ve set the Featured Post Slider to accept 90 posts – I’ve done this on both the Theme Options and Theme Builder – and so far I’ve added about 60 posts without media, so it can’t be that I’m overloading the Slider.



    Can you post a link please – maybe create a sample page which shows the error because I couldn’t reproduce the problem with 10,11, etc. posts in the slider.




    Hello Peter. I don’t understand what you want me to do. Like I said, I’m working on the theme on local host, so the site is not online yet. Is there another way to get the link/sample page to you? Please instruct. Thanks.


    Just to confirm what’s happening: I’ve loaded 55 posts into the Featured Post Slider. So far, I haven’t added any media – photos or video – just text. On loading the front page, while the header and menu is visible the rest of the page is black – including blog, sidebar and footer. If I turn one or two of the posts to draft, then the home page loads, but when I try publishing posts again, then the problem with the black screen re-occurs. Help! This is a major problem!


    I still need some suggestions to help me resolve this pretty catastrophic problem with the theme. Please help! Just to add that I’ve tried loading the front page in different browsers, but still nothing – header, menu and the rest is black.



    Please, kindly upload your site to a stage server so that we can inspect the problem.

    Best regards,



    Hello Ismael

    I’ve currently got the site going on local host using MAMP. Don’t know what staging server is? I’m new to this. So, if you could explain to me how I can get my site from local host to a staging server, I’d be more than happy to do this.



    Hi demozeno,

    I believe what he means is that we aren’t able to reproduce the error on our own copy and will need to actually see your page/error live. In order to do that, you would need to put the site live online. If you have a sub domain or can publish the site into a discreet sub folder of your domain that should be fine.

    I hope that clears it up and we can help figure out the issue!




    Thanks Devin. I think I understand what I have to do my end and will try to do so and get back to you once it’s done.


    Sounds good. It might also resolve itself once you’ve pushed it live as that seems to occasionally fix issues that arise on a local server.


    Hello again.

    Devin was right. Now that I’ve gone live with the site – – the issue I was having with posts not loading on the slider seems to have fixed itself, which is good. However, it’s a pity that I can’t use the theme offline to build it up before making it live. At the moment, it’s only about 10 percent ready. Does this mean I’m going to have to work on it while having it online or is there something else I can do? Thanks



    Here’s an interesting post:

    I’ll close this thread know to avoid cross posting. We’ll continue in the “mamp-issue” thread

    Best regards,


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