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    I’m using the theme for my store website ( and I’m finding that with Internet Explorer it’s freezing? It’s fine using Safari, Firefox and Chrome but when trialling it on IE after about 30 seconds the entire program crashes.

    Could you tell me how to resolve this please?





    Are you having the same problem with the Demo -> ?

    Which version of IE are you using? I’ve tested on IE8 without issue loading your site.




    No it works absolutely fine on the demo. I’v tried it on three computers and it’s freezing on all of them!? A new problem is, I haven’t changed anything on the website over the weekend, and came to update it this morning, and all of the links are simply refreshing the main page? I’m pretty baffled as you can imagine!

    Hope you can help,



    Actually, I’ve fixed the refreshing problem, which was an issue with my web forwarding and set up with WordPress!



    Cool, didn’t think it was a bug in the theme.

    The most common cause of bugs is third party plugins which conflict with the JS in the theme.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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